My Broworkers.

I am hashtagblessed with with the best three bro-workers ever. Meet them!

Riding shotgun we got sir Terry, the kindest and funniest tv-guy there most likely ever was. He enjoys gluten, playing the ukelele and telling vague stories about his family ties to the mafia.  Behind him, we got Malibu Bill, the laissez-faire surfer Dad from, well, Malibu. Malibu Bill enjoys surfing, Malibu, his smart and sensible teenage kids, current events, and showing me videos of crazy plane crashes. Lastly, behind me, we got Henry, the razor-wit and fiercely stylish lawyer turned tv writer. He does the most shockingly accurate Rosie Perez impression I have ever heard / seen. Henry enjoys Gilte group, bold shoes, adventure, text conversations with me in which we pretend to be teenage girls watching Switched at Birth. These Bros will never replaced my Brostetters, but as daily substitutions, they are pretty great.

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