Scotland: Reflections

Hopped a train to Glasgow this morning to hop a flight to Reykjavik;  reflected upon my time in Scotland. Here is a picture of me reflecting that I did not ask my train companion (a sweet Scottish actor Marcus I met in Edinburgh, who kindly escorted me) to take so I could put it on my blog and blog about my self reflecting, not at all. SO META!

Scottish countryside beauty:

The product of My Reflections: Hey Scotland, you’re pretty great.

– CLEANLINESS AND STEWARD OF THE EARTHNESS. A remarkable lack of trash. No paper towels anywhere, all air hand dryers. WHY DON’T WE DO THAT.

– STYLE. Everyone dresses like their own personal hybrid of something like J Crew at a thrift store on a mountain. Everyone’s got good jeans and boots and scarves.

– KINDNESS. It reminded me a lot of being home  where everyone is giving, friendly, and instantly trusts you / wants to help you as opposed to judging you or instantly presuming that you are the most annoying person in the world. Case in point: Marcus’s mom fetched us from the train station and insisted on giving me a ride to the airport, which she definitely did not have to do. THANKS, MARCUS’S MOM!

CHILDREN in tiny knit sweaters with tiny accents like little warm butterscotch candies.


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