The Kilroys launched our list last night, and, you guys.

…..You guys.

We PACKED the living crap out of Edendale, my favorite neighborhood bar,  with supporters – guys and gals alike –  playwrights, directors, artistic directors, actors, designers, bloggers, journalists,  and most importantly, celebratory hugs.

Sexy man playwrights, Jon Caren and Marco Ramirez….

Kilroys too stoked beyond words to even look in the same direction:



We’re already getting emails from major Artistic Directors requesting the plays. I was lucky enough to get one of my one plays — The Oregon Trail —  on the List  — five emails just yesterday from theaters all across the country asking to read it. An idea born over whiskey and hummus in Sarah Gubbin’s house, overlooking the Silverlake res. How thrilling for us, to have an idea, and to execute the idea, and to see the idea start to WORK.

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