Okay! So!  I’ve been working with an incredible group of lady playwrights and dramaturgs out in LA over the last year. We call ourselves the Kilroys (after the WWII graffiti) and we’ve compiled an extensive list of unproduced or minimally produced plays by women, so that no artistic director, in their right mind, or ever again, can say ‘well, we don’t produce plays by women because there aren’t any.’

Eat this, Artistic Directors, she said nicely!

It’s an exciting day. Press already from the New York Times and more to come. I’m sad to see it already causing some disparity, from people who are frustrated that they are not on the list or feeling excluded — the whole point of the list is to promote awareness, which will, in theory, eventually lead to the inclusion of more and more plays by gals. I have to say, I have always felt blessed when it comes to getting my plays produced — but that in no way means I’m blind to the absurd imbalance that still exists. Plays by women will no more be seen as whiney cupcake poems or quirky slap bracelets. F that noise. We have real things to say.

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