Terrible. Just…Terrible.

I have been compiling a brain list of my favorite most terrible jokes and  humor tropes, which I overuse, in writing and also life. So far I have two. In random order:

1.) when someone says something incredibly honest and horrible to someone else as sort of an after thought, and the other person says What? and the speaker then also says What?


A. How’re you?

B. I’m great how’re you?

A. Doing really well I’mgoingtokillyouinyoursleep.

B. What?

A. What?

2.) When someone sustains some sort of minor injury, i.e. a sprained ankle, then dramatically proclaims, I WILL NEVER PLAY THE VIOLIN AGAIN. But see. They could never play the violin BEFORE so the fact that, uh. The fact that they are proclaiming they will never play the violin again is uh.

Is really funny.


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