No it’s totally fine / hahaha / No it’s no bigs

One of the big changes I made in the Oregon Trail this weekend was giving one particular character, a high strung nurse who can’t stand two seconds alone with her thoughts, a violin prodigy in her youth, a new journey: from passive aggression to honesty. Reading through her scenes ripped me back to  moments  in which someone has pissed me off, or I’ve wanted out of a relationship, or wanted a roommate to like NOT leave their ish all over the shared living space, but instead of being clear about how I felt, I AGGRESSIVELY ACTED LIKE I FELT THE OPPOSITE until I erupted with post-its and passive aggression.  It’s completely insane when you think about it. But, thankfully,  over the last few years, I think I’ve become far more honest, perhaps working in TV has made me grow a girl pair. I find myself more brave in the face of Fear, which is the Fear of someone not liking you, because I’ve realized I’d rather someone not like me than like, gurgle inside and erupt with quiet rage.

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