Celebrate Good Times; Come on!

I don’t even know if I’m allowed to be bloggy of this, and so I will be irksomely vague, but remember that time when I had to pitch that movie and I was all down on myself, presuming that I’d do a terrible job? And then remember when a few magical friends told me that I could do it, and that it would be great, and then I convinced myself that this was true, and just went in and pitched my best / perhaps left my body / told a weird story about the dreamhouse my family and I used to go visit that we could not afford? Invoked plane crashes, my home state, breakfast inventions, ponies, books of old pictures and stamps?

WELL I GOT THE JOB! I’m so stoked. I either want to throw myself a party at Putt Putt or bathe myself in dirty martini’s or both. So let this be a lesson to you / us: if nothing else, we have to at least learn to adjust our negative thinking. We  have to do whatever we can trick to ourselves into believing that good things are possible, or how will they ever Be?

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