Some might argue that the world is advancing, what, with our smart phones and hybrid cars and 100 calorie packs of goldfish and coconut M&Ms. One could also argue that things are simultaneously declining, in that terrifying and moral sort of way. I noticed yesterday that plastered across the front page of the New York Post, and I think maybe also the Daily News? were pictures of the bleeding, dead bodies of the two men killed outside the Empire State Building on Friday. Since when are we allowed to put pictures of dead bodies on the fronts of papers, outside of stores that little kids walk by? Don’t we have SOME decorum, at least enough to plaster GRAPHIC IMAGES ENCLOSED! across the front, so that all of us sick folk can flip to that page immediately? I’m wondering when this shift happened, or if it was a gradual thing that we were all too busy to even notice. It makes me sad in a deep way, like I’m also sad for for Laura Ingles Wilder, and anyone else arguably wholesome who came before me.

In other news, I dreamt the other night that Queen Elizabeth invited me over for breakfast and made me, with her own hands, sausage biscuits that were even better Than Jimmy Dean’s microwaveable. She folded a napkin in my lap, joined me at the table and asked me if I’d enjoyed my time on Martha’s Vineyard. Decorum.

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