Boys that I Like

Last night I got to catch Sleepwalk with Me at IFC – which was spectacular – but even MORE better, a Q and A with Mike Bribiglia and Ira Glass followed. For those of you who make your homes in caves, Mike Birbiglia is a standup who is a frequent guest on This American Life, which is Ira Glass’s radio show, which is kind of more like a shoebox of massively different but ultimately related stories. Sleep Walk with Me is a movie based on Mike’s Stand up about his relationship with his ex-girlfriend, and his adventures with sleepwalking.  A Movie is a moving thing with words and people that you go to a large room to watch, or perhaps just watch at home.

Here’s my humiliating fan picture of these incredible guys, taken ashamedly between questions:

And then, for clarity, here’s like an actual picture of them:

It was probably the best Q and A I’ve ever taken part in, and by taken part in I most certainly mean asking lots of questions, like in my head, while other audience members ask better ones. The two of them have this incredible dynamic that’s pretty much just like big and little bro – constantly making fun of each other, but ultimately supporting each other. They’re hilarious but don’t feel like they have to be. They answered questions truthfully and intelligently but also just so happened to also be funny. This is the best kind of comedy, I think. As for the movie itself, it was totally that kind that makes you want to go home and write like 100 of them. It was honest and hilarious and whimsical and weird. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to my screenplay Bite your Fingernails with Me, it’s Fun. So far, it’s just a scene, in which I’m doing that.

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