That thing where you can’t sleep in Silence

When I was wee, my parents put a fan in my room to help me take naps. Usually instead of ‘napping’ I would pretend to make pies or destroy my room, in general. But flash forward years later, I can’t sleep in silence. It literally hums in my ears. Not shockingly, there is a Fan App for those of us who can physically Hear quiet! It sounds exactly like a fan, and suddenly, I’m transported to middle school, beginning of winter, when my parents took my fan away and put it in the attic to save electricity, and after they went to sleep, I went up to the attic, got my fan, locked my door, turned that guy on, and slept like a baby. (This fan removal followed immediately by middle of the night fan espionage continued for probably weeks, until I’m pretty sure my parents just gave up.)

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