After multiple stints in and trips to LA, I have finally learned that it’s important to have car snacks, as they don’t necessarily have 24 hour bodegas on each corner where you can ALWAYS buy toilet paper or almonds or skittles. More often than not, you find yourself totally starving and driving through some wasteland of beautiful houses or car washes and no food in sight until you find the one restaurant in a two mile radius that will not require a double left turn, and next thing you know, you’re eating a hot dog that is somehow wet. Instead: CAR SNACKS! I’ve also developed CAR GAMES! My favorite being Hey Look at that Guy, in which – when you’re sitting in traffic –  you decide who the person in the car next to you looks like, usually someone you went to high school with or someone you’re only friends with on facebook, and then, through both of your closed windows, you shout that person’s name at them.  If they look at you, you get 10 points, which are later redeemable for swedish fish.

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