Carrie has narrowed it down to two really unbelievable wedding dresses. AND SO, I developed a really complicated 10×10 system which I will probably use for decision making purposes for the rest of my life, ie for who I am marry, what goes on my sandwich, and where to go on vacation. Carrie and I devised 10 specific categories of dress-ness. Yes, those last two categories ARE ‘MY bride fantasy’ and ‘the WORLD’s bride fantasy.’ Next, Carrie rates each dress on a scale of 1 to 10 in each category. Then, some math in your head that your phone calculator corrects immediately after. After careful calculations, the Bekah Brunstetter statistical decision making algorithm proved genius: each dress scored exactly 93.5, hence proving to us what we already know: that we can’t decide. And so, it works!

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