RIP Pants, and Others

This is the first year I’ve paid attention to the new TV shows in the mix, and am subsequently sad to see certain shows not picked up / not picked up for a second season. First and foremost, MTV is not doing a second Pants season, which in my opinion, is really lamentable. My ENTIRELY unbiased opinion is that the product was stellar. But I also acknowledge that there are about 700 things that go into a company deciding whether or not to do a show that I can’t even begin to understand. HUMPH.

As for the network pilots: I really got attached to a few of them, talking about them in meetings, making friends with the idea of them and am sad to see them just – go away. In particular I really loved this CW pilot called ‘Shelter’ that CW was developing with Bad Robot, about a group of employees working at a fancy inn in Maine. It reminded me so much of my corporate housing days. Also to be mentioned is the Selection, another CW show, which was this insane mash-up of like the Bachelor meets Hunger Games. Roll your eyes if you will. Go ahead, do it. But, I celebrate Nashville and Revolution and the Mindy Kaling Show and the Carrie Diaries and How to Live with your Parents, and others. Onward! But for real, do I now have to get really excited and then really sad, each year? Is this now my life? WHAT IS MY LIFE.

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