The Check-in

Today on TV Lingo: The Check-in. Definition: a seemingly story-less, but ultimately INVALUABLE scene that the producers always want more of. Check-ins allow characters to not just download their stories upon each other, but also, get advice that prompts them to their next move. As for my next move, ie, right now, I am going to make this about me. I need more check-ins in the on hour dramedy that is my life. I spend so much time by myself, in my own head, despite the occasional drink with friends or around a table with co-workers. My super close friends I don’t see much of, and usually just bottle up my angst and shout at them on the phone for an hour. How are we supposed to see the patterns in our behavior and not do dumb things without regular check-ins with good friends, where there are also strawberry milkshakes? Post-school, you have to re-create your own The Max. It just seems harder these days, especially when even answering the phone sometimes starts to feel like a huge inconvenience. Close friends: I miss you. I want to download all over you. Whoever calls me next, I will probably answer.

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