This Week on This Week

You guys really should’ve checked out my Act this week. I fancy myself to be a fairly functioning human being/ adult, but apparently, I’m not. This week, I killed the battery on my car after I’m pretty sure leaving the lights on for about 3 days, had to pay $100 to get someone to jump it (not a.) knowing how to jump a car b.) having of the jumper cables c.) wanting to put anyone out to ask for assistance with either) then got two parking tickets, yes, 2, one not my fault, then immediately after spotting the first one, dropped and shattered my phone, then sliced my finger open on the glass from said phone, then, at the apple store, when attempting to get a replacement phone, got my debit card declined because the $100 to overpriced jerk who jumped my car had just cleared, and had miscalculated when my first paychecks would finally finally be deposited,  and then had to run around the mall like a crazy person with a lump in my throat the size of every year I’ve lived, trying to find an ATM that would let me withdrawal from my saving account. That’s my story / Film rights currently available. JAZZ HANDS!

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