National Carrie Day

Remember that time that Carrie graduated Law School, then got an additional degree from Duke, passed the South Carolina AND New York state Bars, then singled handedly battled the soul-crushing economy with optimism and drive?! Carrie has spent the past few months trying to land a steady lawyer gig. We’ve spent many evenings soothing her angst with cocktails / hot wings but Carrie has NEVER. GIVEN. UP. I’m proud to say that today, she started a job as director of Government Affairs at a small college* upstate, which is kind of even a way better gig than just being a lawyer – as she’ll actually be practicing law, but also using her noggin creatively and creating new programs and I just couldn’t be happier. Lesson, millenials: Good things come to those who go to Duke mixer after Duke mixer, to those who smile through the heartache and frustration, and who follow up on all leads.

* I won’t say which college. As I’ve learned from my friends with ‘real’ jobs (I’m talking to you, teachers! Neuroscientists!), it’s not always appropriate for me to be constantly bloggy of them, as apparently, in the ‘real world,’ you never know what might get you in trouble – whereas in my world, anything I say here just makes me  infinitely more fascinating / laughable.

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