Let’s get some Shoes

I’m finally going to tell you how I feel about shoes. I want you to know, I think you’ve been really patient. Basically, I have one or two pair of shoes that I wear constantly, and a few other pairs that I have because I feel like I need them because I’m a girl but never wear (shoes with heels) or shoes that you have to like, sit down and lace up to put on (just not happening.) Eventually these 2 pairs of shoes start to smell like cheese, and about 6 months after that I decide I need another pair. I then spend approximately an additional 6 months wandering through every shoe store ever deciding that THAT shoe looks too much like every other shoe, and THAT shoe is trying to be something it’s not, and that shoe costs half month’s rent, and that shoe was good last year but now it’s passe, until finally I’m like JUST GIVE ME SOMETHING TO PUT ON MY FEET THAT I CAN CONTINUE TO PUT ON MY FEET THAT WILL NOT CAUSE CONFUSION / PROBLEMS / PAIN. Today, I settled on these little brown suede loafers that make me feel polished, pretentious and medieval. Medieval loafers: welcome to the shoefamily. I can’t wait to wear you until you stink of brie.

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