What I will Give you

LA, I will do my best to hide my east coast and Brooklyn specific preference / snobbery (WHERE ARE THE BODEGAS / HOW DARE YOU MAKE ME DRIVE TO GET FOOD) But I will give you THIS:

People here, they live in houses. With trees. And yards. And dogs. And linen closets. I will give you THIS, but so far, this is all I will give you. Okay, fine, also, the weather is lovely, you are nice to run through, and in Silverlake, you can walk to get coffee and sit and have it while all around you, 700 people write the next great Thing. It’s like Gimme but with more space. Okay fine and there is also the fact that you have provided me with my first TV staff job. But this is literally all I will give you. You must court me first. Now: COURT!

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