Hi, Debt

I feel really close to you right now, The Internet. And so, full disclosure: I’m $124,000 in debt from grad school. I vacillate between denial and KIND of dealing. I make regular  monthly payments, but I usually decide that Access Group is like a public museum and has a super kind, liberal Pay-What-You-Can Policy. Wise! Yesterday, I was doing my monthly online payments and accidentally entered an amount WAY more than I usually pay, and idiotically submitted it without realizing it. It was kind of one third of my savings. Um. Come Tuesday, I can call and beg them to cancel the payment so I can give them a more reasonable amount. I’m not sure what the policy is when it comes to cancelling a payment when you TECHNICALLY OWE THE MONEY. I do owe them this money, so while I have it, I should, in theory, give it towards my loans. This is the right and responsible thing to do. I should feel responsible, but instead, I feel penniless.

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