The future, and how we are inside of it

Today on Duh / Things that are True – Oh, the times. The times! Things are gradually changing, leaving other things behind, rendering them almost obsolete. I cleaned out my desk this am and tossed out old flip phones and business cards. I shoved camera charger and video camera cable things – neither of which I’ve used in a year? Two years? because of single stop iphone –  Into a bottom drawer. Even dusting off my pictures felt really odd. And then, so help me, I scrapbooked, just a little bit, because I refuse to not have anything tangible to show my kids or neices nephews who  are scared of me / worship me because I am always giving them CRAPLOADS OF GUMMI BEARS. And by give them craploads of gummi bears I definitely mean download them into their mouths, or post them on their air-walls. THE FUTURE!

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