To Reunion, or to Live in Hole?

Here’s a question: WHY do I want to go to my high school reunion? My response: well, why not? I spent some time with Julien this weekend, saw a few friends from high school which got me thinking about why I want to go. Julien referred to specific things we endured in high school –  and honestly, I think I’ve kind of blocked or selective memory-ed the whole thing. I literally couldn’t remember. And then, going even further back, I don’t remember lots of middle school either.  I should probably write a play about this. I should also probably learn to use my words to make sentences that make sense. It has been ten years since high school, after all.

In conclusion, here’s the alumni song from the school’s website, which I will now memorize:

Come ye Spartans!  Sing together,

Heart to heart and hand in hand.

Love and laughter long shall linger

Echoing down these halls again.

Though the years may come between us,

Still our Spartan Spirit shines.

In our hearts you’ll live forever

Blue and Gold, Mount Tabor High.

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