Six Degrees of Separation

BAD Theater nerd! BAD! I somehow made it through high school, college and grad school without ever reading or seeing this incredible play by John Guare. But thankfully! It’s running at Williamstown right now, Dad! Staring  Tim Daly from wings!

And I had the pleasure of seeing it last night. I was actually really grateful to just be able to watch it, having no pre-conceived notions of the show. I thought it was truly amazing. Penned in the early 90s, in a slightly different commercial theater climate, this play has SEVENTEEN CHARACTERS. I love it. And the most beautiful, profound monologues come from the characters we only know for 5 minutes – they are crucial. It’s about – as the title suggests – how we are all connected – rich, poor – also about upper class guilt, and a million other things I can’t really articulate, because I am not John Guare, but things I truly felt. SO. Three cheers for theater, for people putting on funny costumes, memorizing lines, and then saying them in the dark.

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