Today is my parents’ 32nd wedding anniversary!! I actually remembered (BEFORE I got your reminder email, Mom. Geez, have some faith! 🙂 ) In past years, the actual event / day has been July SECOND, The day in which I remember and go D’OH! and  call and apologize. It was a big event when we were kids – starting from when I was 12 or so, we started to make my parents these elaborate 5 course (hopefully edible? dinners.) I’d plan a menu, my Mom would drop us off at the store for the goods, then we’d kick them out of a house to a movie or something and when they returned – we’d serve them dinner in our little fake restaurant. I think I made Dan and Tim be servers / slaves. I remember it being basically the FUNNEST THING EVER, from drawing the menu’s, to setting the tables, to roasting cornish hens (I know I did this, how did I do that??) The above picture pretty much grabs it, reflects my dedication and enthusiasm. Except of course, sadly, I am not Asian. Thanks a LOT, Mom and Dad.

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