where I now am


You know that thing that I do, that I have dubbed, ‘blogging from bubble of narcissism,’ which I do all the time? Well! I will continue to do it. I just arrived in Poughkeepsie, campus of Vassar College, to spend two weeks workshopping A Long and happy Life with New York Stage and Film. It is totally perfect, because I actually started the play this time last year in this very place, prompted by some terrorist bomb anxiety that I suddenly felt in Grand Central. (Go There, I dare you, and try and NOT feel it.) And so, I will be diving into this play, clarifying, trying to fix, do a bit of honing in on why I started the play to begin with, this play that has grown into a beast – that i believe in –  as well as playing with my step team / greek chorus (YES) and trying NOT to revert to corporate housing days – and inspect my furnished apartment ( I am in great townhouse thing instead of dorms, and the furnishings are nearly EXACTLY like that of Equity’s. Nightmares, I will have.) That was eleven things, and a lot of commas, and you’re welcome.

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