Being that I’m only back in bk for less than 24 hours, there were some errands to run, things to take care of: bank, pharmacy, filling up on toiletries, GOING TO ANTHROPOLOGIE AND BUYING EVERYTHING EVER, and then faxing some things. It’s not my fault that the new anthropologie is located DIRECTLY across the street from my bank, nor can I help that walking into one of those stories makes you feel that you are not feminine or cute, but that you WOULD be if you rub THIS candle on yourself, or wrap THAT ribbon around your head. I raided the sale rack, and decided that these items, lace shirt thing, and friendly morroccan party shorts? were both necessary. I realized at williamstown that I dress like a little boy a little bit, in cut offs and striped tank tops, so I think I will make an effort to be more feminine with my choices. And nothing says feminine like morrocan party shorts (?) and lace.

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