what it is


Ahhh! So! A play! We have literally been building this play like a house. Today: the kitchen. The family room? The heart. (The loud AC unit in the attic?) The foundation. The central thing. The murder.

When I started reading about the Maxwell’s, I couldn’t stop wondering what it was like for them in those moments leading up to Billy pulling out a gun. Did it come out of nowhere? They were sitting down to dinner clearly, but then what? I was a bit terrified to do it, but wrote the this dinner scene, and we started to dissect it today…….the point isn’t the violence really, but the play play by of what transpired in the house that night. We’re working with tableaus of what went down to sort of play against the violence. And I felt them in the room with me as I watched, or maybe it was that I wondered if they were watching, and said a small / weird prayer of, I don’t even know, I guess thanks, and I’m thinking of you.

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