I absolutely HAD to see SATC2 even though I was thoroughly warned that it was bad. And bad it was. As Erin aptly put it, it was like watching California Raisins play dress up. There was also an absurd amount of tasteless and obvious puns, and a lot of innappropriate birka exploration and humor. Also it was awkward. SO AWKWARD! From Liza Minelli doing the single ladies dance in what appeared to be a night shirt? and tights?  (SO AWKWARD!) to the scenes like ‘hey, come outside and talk with me for a minute.’ followed by a scene where they, well, just SAT OUTSIDE AND TALKED FOR A MINUTE, after starring at each other awkwardly for a minute. Basically, it’s like they did not even try, just knew that people would come see regardless. I am one of these people. Am I ashamed? NO. The sour patch kids in the popcorn, pre-show tequila and friendship were entirely worth it. Their weird sparkly couture desert clothes? Not so much.

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