So: Carrie received her Law degree from the college of Charleston today, and I really could not be more proud. In true Carrie form, she was by far the prettiest grad, and sung the star spangled banner in front of the zillion faculty and friends and family. She will be a singing lawyer, and will sing subpoena’s, and she will like it. But: as the speaker noted, it’s a tough time for recent law grads. Heck, it is a tough time for anyone. I asked my Dad when I was home: in his last year of law school, he had tons of job offers to pick from. The Recession has cut so many jobs for recent law grads, and it’s a totally different ballgame now. Clerkships aren’t funded by the state, etc. I have total faith though that something will work out for Carrie. She’s sort of an uncanny lawyer which, I think, makes her a really strong candidate for any firm. While I was watching the proceedings, I couldn’t help but think, wow, I did this same thing, BUT FOR THEATER. Who the crap do I think I am?! And then I went and quit my JOB?! But then I was all: I have to use my powers, and use my powers for good. And then I was all, why am I interior monologuing like a power ranger?

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