(I will do this?) I will do this!!


Sisters Blaine and Carrie are encouraging me to train to run this half marathon with them in Vegas in December. (We 3 were last in Vegas in our 19/20’s when we drove there from NC and stayed at the Paris Las Vegas and didn’t get to gamble or anything, and I recall us swimming under an eiffel tower and I recall us getting in a fight about something. What? Tacoes? Gas? Probably.)

And you know what? I think I might do it. The halfie. I’ve been running a bit, like I never thought I could, and it kinda makes me feel like I could do anything. Or at least run a few miles? Or 13????????? I’m going to attempt to stay motivated. All I need is some cadillac-esque running shoes, some weirdly shaped bootie running short things, some better headphones, and a continued sense of optimism.

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