I’m just a few hours into my first day of being off work, and it’s already nuts. Well, nuts-ness started yesterday actually….the God Lord gifted me with a beautiful day, and I went to the gym, had lunch with a friend, bought a dress, did some work, had some dinner, did some more work, watched a movie….ALL SANS PANIC. Weekends usually have meant panic to me…shoving a week’s worth of work into a few days, while also still trying to ‘weekend’ for a few hours in some way. But now: I don’t have to panic. I can just – do things. And this feels strange. The panic kept me motivated. But this also feels good! Cereal with Regis and Kelly, I can most certainly get used to you.  This will just require some meticulous planning…..I have to sort of create this atmosphere of ‘panic,’ but in a more casual way…and friends, that is what highlighters and large desk Planners and task assignments are for….thankfully, from day job days, I am an expert in all of these things!

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