celebrity autobiography


In the spirit of Doing Things I wouldn’t normally get to do, tonight I went to see a comedy show way past my bedtime. I am so impulsive. In celebrity autobiography, celebs do dramatic readings of the autobiographies (usually badly ghost written) of other celebs (see: Elizabeth Taylor, Tiger Woods, David Hasselhoff, and Destiny’s Child GROUP biography, etc.) It’s a pretty genius evening that seems to shift based on which celebs are reading that night. MOSTLY I was surprised and stoked to find ANTHONY FROM SEX AND THE CITY / AHHHHH ( Mario Cantone, in real life)


reading from Carrie Prejean’s ‘Still Standing,’ complete with affected voice, and MOST EXCITEDLY, ‘the bald guy from 30 rock, or: Scott Asdit:


reading from Hasslehoff’s, about his tumultuous days on Broadway in Jekyll and Hyde, in which he had to play not one, but TWO CHARACTERS.

EVEN MORE EXCITEDLY, I took the train home with The Bald Guy from 30 rock: an ever-pleasant reminder that people, even famous people, are always people. Which reminds me of a choice line from Kenny Loggin’s book: I want you to open me. Like an envelope. 

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