My muse Erin just got her tonsils out yesterday!!  She’s been battling terrible throat infections for years, and finally her doctor suggested that they remove them. I’ve been getting updates from her and it’s  pretty traumatic and painful. She’s pretty much out for the count for a few weeks. Luckily, her Mom flew up to dote on her. Kids get their tonsils out all the time (or used to?) but it’s apparently much worse to undergo as an adult. Probably because your body has had the tonsils longer and is all what??????? Also, I wonder if, when we are kids, we had a higher tolerance for pain, because we don’t quite yet understand it? What, then, of little kids on airplanes, freaking out when their ears are popping, BWAHHHHHH I AM CONFUSED AND AM I AM CRYING!!!!!! Either way, thinking of E during this tough and ice cream Time.

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