So TECHNICALLY I am a master of fine arts, and I have the debt to prove it. So: I get really, really mad at myself when I make sloppy / dumb playwriting mistakes, etc. When my mind wanders or I write undramatic scenes or I can’t focus or make decisions. Sometimes, I all of the sudden have no idea how to write a play, or I’ve at least forgotten the art of Dramatics that I spent 3 years studying. Sure, my mind doesn’t necessarily work that way when it comes to a first draft of a play, but seriously, I should at least be able to NOT write like a 12 year old.

Specifically, I’m mad at myself over a play I’m writing in a bit of a hurry for the Primary Stages writer’s group (Note: hurry. As per usual. I am really hoping that in a few weeks when I will finally NOT be hurrying, I will find that I write better?) I think the play started off well but then sort of drifted off into that sort of place where I’m writing selfishly, for myself instead of  for the characters.

THANKFULLY, that is the beauty of a writer’s group. My new buds have given me helpful feedback in terms of what they ARE responding to, and have been quick to encourage me. How does anyone ever manage to do this alone?

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