I think I have yet to be Bloggy of Lilly Bevan, my host-mom while I was in London, who made sure I had constantly had my tea, cheese and noise-machine; made sure I was never lost or did not have a drink or some form of exciting bread-based product in hand. Lilly! She is brilliant and the best, a writer, actor and producer who’ll be working on Miss Lilly at the Finborough in June. She makes me laugh more than anyone I have ever met, ever. See above, at Christmas time, she plays a Sexy Patridge on the West End. Whether it’s making fun of hung-over historical re-enactment actors, mocking our own over-usage of the phrase ‘how interesting,’ listening to a trashy man sing octaves on you tube, or watching clips of her Rada teacher do odd mask work, she makes me laugh until my gut hurts. And for this reason, among many others, I shall keep her around, forever, well into our 40s, when we will attend the Oscars together, and say to each other, how interesting.

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