hi, I have thoughts

I saw two plays this weekend! Want me to talk about them? Smartly? Or try? Fine, okay.

First: Blind by Craig Wright at Rattlestick.


It’s a modern re-telling of Oedipus and Jocasta – it begins moments after Oedipus – and all of his subjects – have heard the news from the Oracle that well. You know. We are privileged to watch Oedipus and Jocasta quip their way through ‘ADMIT YOU ARE MY MOTHER!’ and ‘NO I AM NOT!’ Personally, I was stoked to get to watch this play out, in real time, so intimately. And I am a sucker for beautiful articulations of things we already know. Like: Jocasta tells Oedipus that when he first came to her, he was like ‘a poem that history had written,’ and then I died. We obviously already know what’s going to happen between these lovers and Kin. She shall gauge out his eyes, and he shall kill her. (And boy, do they ever.) So what’s new? Well, the political implications of Oedipus’ hubris, and the poverty outside the palace walls, are pretty – well – contemporary. Most importantly – there’s a maid character who gets her say once Oedipus has killed Jocasta, and begs her for help. She is disgusted by the king she once trusted, once adored. Something along the lines of:  I thought you were one day going to make me queen. A pretty haunting expression of our faith in government. On a shallow Bekah note, I am now currently considering Black Bedding.

And then also!

When the Rain Stops Falling by Andrew Bovell at Lincoln Center.


which – honestly – I don’t even think I can talk about yet. Just – wow.

A fish falls from the sky. It spans 80 years in a single family, Australia to London, and it’s huge and epic but intimate and honest, and it concerns communication, love, the apocalypse and lies, and hopefully I’ll dream about it tonight and have something smart to say tommorrow.

Okay, now I go write my own, and pretend that they are as good as either of these.

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