AHHH!!!!! (pt. 2)


Okay, so, I think I just quit my job?! Or rather: told my boss and co-workers that in few month’s time, I will no longer be able to handle both of my jobs, so I’d be slowly making my exit. AHH!!! I should be excited, and I am to an extent, but I am MORESO nervous and scared. I think it’s your run of the mill fear of the unknown that’s currently tying my stomach in knots. What will happen when my $ runs out??  What if I regret the decision??? WHO THE CRAP DO I THINK I AM???

To calm myself, Instead, I will now entertain thoughts of time to write, time to sleep, time to take care of myself, morning spin classes, irrational baking, long trips home and long walks, Springtime and flea markets, time with roommates and boyfriend and friends, finished screenplays, ice cream, more crock pot experiments, arts and crafts, triologies.

Okay, now I am excited.

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