The Women’s Project


I think I have yet to be bloggy of the Women’s Project, and so here I go! They are a great Off-Broadway theater here who does plays by, well, Women. Sometimes they let some dudes hang out with them too. I’ve been a part of their writer’s lab for a little over a year and I can’t believe my time with them is almost over, and I’m already helping them read applications for the next group!

Honestly, when I went to the first meeting, it was daunting. I think it was a little daunting for everyone. It was like 40 ladies in a room (writers, directors, producers.) I hadn’t been with so many ladies at once since 7th grade cheerleading (in which we nearly beat the cougars with the routine that Julien and I choreographed / and I didn’t drop her ONCE/ Falcons, IGNITE). I’m also not one to have like a large, mass-organized ‘ladies night.’ In fact, I think I should do that more. I’m going to get together 12 girls. And we’re going to put on heels and go to Applebee’s.

Anyways, The Women’s Project! The absolute best thing about being in the Lab, aside from its amazing members and all the things everyone is doing, is the panelists they’ve brought in to talk to and with us. From agents to pitch-coaches to financial advisors, they really have this keen awareness of what we already know, and what we’re kind of in the dark about it, and bring it guests accordingly. It’s always extremely informative. Like last night, they brought in some set, sound, costume and lighting designers to talk about their Process, and experiences in collaboration. It was very enlightening. Heyo! It really was. I especially loved hearing them talk about their design as storytelling – I definitely have a new-found perspective on what exactly it is that a designer does. I also learned a new word, ‘designerturg,’ which someone should seriously slap on a Tshirt, and how.

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