Hi, it’s me, Caring Deeply and taking it there since 2007. Sometimes when horrible things happen the event just grabs and squeezes my heart and boggles my mind. Like the devestation from this earthquake is so beyond my realm of comprehension that I can’t even begin to understand it or make sense of it. Like: the people of Haiti?! Seriously? Talk about being kicked when you’re down. Instead, I, or ‘We,’ choose to pay more attention to Conan accusing the network of a breach of a contract. I’m not saying I / we are shallow, horrible people. I think that we just choose to obsess over the pieces of news that affect us directly; that are large and impacting within our immediate world? Because: it’s just too hard to Care Deeply about absolutely everything; things beyond our control. What sort of life would that be? Or is that my selfish excuse? Blergh. In the immediate: You can donate to Unicef to help the relief effort here.

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