Last night, I had the pleasure of hearing of play Read Aloud, by Actors: Tall: A Tale, by colleague and confidant Dylan Dawson, presented by the Naked Angels First Mondays Play Reading Series, West Village, Manhattan, tea and crumpets, and all of those things.

Enough of that. So it was like REAL good. It’s a fairy tale of sorts? A hillarious one. About an extremely tall actor who gets offered the role of a lifetime – that is, if he will get height-reducing surgery. It features a cast of mostly extremely tall actors, and also Jeff Goldblum. It’s pretty much genius. The thing I like most about it is that it’s about the woes of  being tall. It’s very specific – yet universal. Everyone has something about themselves they’d like to change. Heck, sometimes I wouldn’t mind like actually being able to wear heels without feeling like an amazon woman. But the point of the play is, you should be happy with yourself – because if you were to change yourself   – you would no longer be – well – yourself. Sure, it sounds very Sesame Street, but there is something very adult and hillarious about this Tale Mr. Dawson spins.

Well played, Monster Dawson. Well played. I’ll see you up there.

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