I love my co-workers. Khalid is from Morrocco, with an Italian wife; Julia seems to be from the Lower East Side? but definitely mostly speaks Spanish. Both speak English, sure, but in that Second sort of way. And so, all sorts of funny things are said. Like just now:

Julia: Don’t forget to give him glass of wine!

Khalid: I’ll be here tommorrow, remember me tommorrow! (looks at me quizically) You fight????


Khalid: On your face!!!

Me: What? Oh – I have eye make up all over my face, apparently.

Khalid: Eye make-up, how you doin?


Julia tells Khalid that the apartment he is inspecting tommorrow is missing a wine glass, and that he should bring it with him. Khalid asks Julia to remind him tommorrow. He then notices that I have eye make up smeared all over my face, giving me the appearance of having recently been in some sort of Fight Club. Confused, I realize it’s eye make up. Khalid responds with ‘How you Doin,’ as this is his response and greeting to everything.

How you doin?

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