the end?


Recently, 2 directors working on 2 different plays of mine have taken issue with the endings of them. That they don’t do the rest of the play justice, in a way.  This has really made me think a lot about how I usually end up ending my plays – and if I need to possibly re-think my instincts. Because: I love non-endings. I just do. I hate things being wrapped up neatly, or a didactic ending in which we all go ‘……oh.’  Instead I’m a fan of these subtle endings that at first may seem like, wait, was anything even resolved at all? But then it – an image or words or something – resonates with you way after you leave the theater. Or: am I just telling myself this? Am I not fully thinking through the story I’ve told; not working hard enough to discover the ending it deserves?  Also, why and how is broccoli so good, and is my duvet done drying yet downstairs? I’m just wondering.

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