Oh, the irony. My company is about to house 30 college theater students, as they spend a semester in New York: seeing shows, taking classes, absorbing the theater community here, and et  cetera. How sad and weird will I feel when they call me about their broken toilets, DVD players? Sad; weird. I will say, sure thing, I’ll send someone right over, PS I am a Playwright! And they will think, this girl is weird. Who is this girl? Playwright? PHSHAW!

But perhaps, it will be a good lesson for them? A lesson that a ‘life in the theater’ or what have you is not buttercups and fancy espresso, midtown apartments and dinners out. Instead, it’s Brooklyn and dayjob-esque – but extremely rewarding, I will tell them! (If they ask.)

(And after I fix their toilets.)

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