The Little Couple


As if  you didn’t know, but there’s a new (new?) reality show on TLC, The Little Couple, which follows newlyweds Jen (3’2′) and Bill (4′) through their assorted first year of marriage adventures. Basically, they go around being cute and in love and spending time with each other and talking about how much they love spending time with each other. There are also various funny moments in which things are too big for them, and little laughs ensue. And they are just really sweet to each other and it’s just really sweet.

But what gives? Because it’s a show about a little couple, what, are they supposed to be cute and sweet to each other? Where’s the brawls?? Are they edited out?

Or: do they really, truly love each other and love being sweet to each other?

Probably the latter. At least, I hope.

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