I must say, Bekah’s Homemade Monologues is the best (okay and only) entrepreneurial idea I’ve ever had! I’ve been getting quite a few orders from the Time Out Ad. I even had the business savy smarts to create a Gift Certificate, which giver can give to givee to redeem the Monologue themselves. (I know, duh, I am not sure why I didn’t think of this before.) I’m having the best time working on them. I section off a bit of time (be it 3 or 7 in the morning, or whenever I can make it happen) and I’m off into some strange world I know nothing about – the Rockettes! Vascular Surgery! After a bit of research, I do my best to create the most perfect words for this person I’ve never met. It is super hard, and super fun. What? You don’t have yours yet? Um, what the crap is wrong with you? Click that pie down there. Or to your right. Go on. Do it.

Do it.

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