A Christmas Story?


Once upon a time, each year, the city takes a huge tree from an old lady’s yard which she and her husband planted years ago when they first bought the house, before the kids were born, and her husband’s just passed away and it was his dream that this tree be taken by the city so surely they should take it, and so they do. A star the size of santa clause is somehow hoisted to the top; lights are strung about it. Children ice skate around it; Asian tourists pose in front of it. And some non-Asians, as well. Even some people from Germany, and Texas. And some Canadians too. And maybe a few people from Long Island.

And then also once upon a time, I, oblivious, totally forgot that this magical tree happened each year, and so close to my office. So last night I walked up to see it, and sort of stood there and paused, and felt Christmasy and happy, and then I lived happily ever after, and a person got shot in times square.

The end?

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