Looking at Things


Hi, sometimes I notice Art! It’s funny – writing is a form of art, sure, but visual art is oftentimes so foreign to me, and sometimes even makes me feel dumb or left out. But then also, sometimes, it’s truly beautiful to behold, and there really is nothing to do but just – look at it. And marvel in its details.

As a city, Philly works with artists to turn bland public spaces and walls into beautiful murals that reflect the community. They are everywhere you look, and they are incredible!




And then also, the Magic Garden: A home turned into a haven of found objects and tile murals that literally cover every inch of the space. Bottles, plates, Peruvian figures, scales and cups and dolls from the 50s, etchings and plaster. As opposed to me rambling around the incredible story of this place, just read here!



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