adventures with ‘Car’

Mandy was kind enough to lend Steve and I the Mandywagon to take to Maryland and Philly. While the Mandy Wagon was a great ride and very good to us – we still hold firm to our beliefs that ‘Cars are stupid’ and ‘Why would you ever want to have a car?’ and ‘Screw you, cars!’  Why, you must put gas in them!


And wash them!


And tape up their windows when dumb Philly thieves bust into them with Degenerate Fervor!


Oh, the ennui. I’m sticking to public transit and all of its splendor*!

*(Except for when I’m stuck underground  inbetween stations for 45 minutes)

(Which I will talk loudly about for days after)

(so that you will know that it happened, and so that you will feel thoroughly sorry for me.)

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