Dan’s going to Afghanistan and I can’t say I have much peace about it.  I know he’ll be fine – he’s extremely savy and is going to be staying on a base for the most part, but I can’t help but be the scared, and the nervous. So to ease my mind, I did a bunch of internet reading and looking and wondering. And while at first, this only made me MORE freaked out – but I did gain a greater understanding of what Dan will be doing – and why he’s doing it. Sure, it seems like a nearly impossible war now, sure the Taliban seems to be stronger than ever and progress is slow – but from what I can tell, the people who live there need the protection. If Dan and his men weren’t there – they might very well be killed. Regardless of whether or not we should have gone there to begin with – they deserve to live in peace.

So, Subsequently, for me, at least  – in having this understanding –  Peace.

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