Los Angeles!

What? Am I finally sharing thoughts on my adventure? I am! I AM! I misplaced my camera cord thing for about a week. But fortunately, things have been restored to order. And so: I guess like two weeks ago almost? I went to LA. To see my play happy birthday / I’m Dead in a Little Bird festival, and to take some very (very) preliminary TV meetings. I was companioned by my fellow new school-er, Megan Lohne, thank God. We Holiday-Inned, we renta car-ed, we zoo-ed, we survived.

Highlights include me pretending like it would be a pretty profound thing if I took pictures of myself in all the major studio bathrooms, but quickly getting bored of this.


Hugging upon actors in my play,


Being posh, generally, with Megan / offending the fancies of Hollywood blvd with my pigtails:


Seeing buddy for a minute (she is back there, I promise, just obscured by my large face)


And making nice with her friend Peter, whom I liked very much. In fact, here he is, sideways, doing something wrong to someone’s star.


And then also the LOS ANGELES ZOO! Megan and I high-tailed it there when I realized I’d been there for 2 days and hadn’t done a fun thing. So, flamingos.


And most importantly: Bear.


All in all, a very excellent trip. I learned a lot about megan, TV, TV writing, taco’s, doughnuts, bears, driving, merging, traffic, turn signals, parking, ham and cheese crossaints, hotels, and most importantly, myself.

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