Identify Yourselves!!

Thanks to Steve (see: boyfriend extraordinaire / manager of my online presence / builder of my blog / cutepants  / this guy:)


….I have this fancy graph thing of the traffic on my blog!


Using math skills well-honed in High School, I can look at the dart-y graph line things and see that visits to icaredeeply are on the rise – reaching 200 per day! A thing once built so that I could write every day, embarrass Steve, and share things with my parents, has become A CULTURAL PHENOMENON. The Tom’s shoes of the internet. The soy milk of the Online. But for real though, whoever you are, Hi, I like you. Do come back. I promise that I will sometimes write about severely important things that are NOT related to what I’m wearing or eating. In fact, if you’re lucky – I MIGHT even write about YOU.

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